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Got a tough parenting assignment?
Have you become a yeller?
Help is here.

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When parenting is EXTRA-hard I've got your back. 

Children I lovingly call "tough assignments" have diverse challenges – including varied neurodivergence, difficult temperament, strong-willed, highly-sensitive, anxious, and gifted. Any presentation can make parenting feel impossible. These amazing children require more interventions and need parents with exceptional parenting skills. If you're overwhelmed, frustrated, ill-equipped, or totally lost, let's talk. My concierge coaching services may be right for you.

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Have you become a yeller?

You're not a bad parent if you're yelling too much. It's a habit you learned and it's a habit we can change. It's not enough to just know better if we want to do better – we must get real training and top-notch support. In my Stop Yelling Training Program I walk you through the proven steps to habituate calm and provide group support as you learn, practice, and reach your goal. The first step to a calmer happier home is to stop yelling. Let me be your coach, guide, and biggest cheerleader. Let's do this!


Hi, I'm Laine. I totally get it.
Parenting Coach, BA/MAT Brown University, Author, Athlete, Mom

I know about tough parenting assignments personally and professionally. It started 30 years ago when I worked with children who had a variety of social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. I saw it all; I heard it all. Then I became a mom and had my own "tough assignments." I experienced firsthand the lack of proper parenting support for people in our boat. As a former elite athlete and collegiate coach, I knew it would take great effort to parent my kids in the positive, connected way I wanted to. Using the best of Performance, Psychology, and Mindfulness I developed an effective, empowering approach. Years later I taught my methods in parenting classes and private sessions, with incredible results. For over a decade, I've helped overwhelmed and maxed-out parents shift into a new gear of confidence, competence, and calm. I offer clients the highest level of support for life-changing results. Let's see if I can help you, too.

My Services


Concierge Coaching

Weekly online 1-hour sessions

Personalized notes per session

Custom assignments

Daily accountability

Text support between sessions


Stop Yelling Training Program

Copy of Stop Yelling, by Laine Lipsky

Self-Paced lessons

Cheat-Sheets, Scripts, Trackers

Weekly Office Hours

Private parent forum

"I honestly don't know how I would have survived these turbulent years without Laine's guidance and support.”

Ann R., Michigan

Heading 1

Let's spend 20 minutes on the phone so I can hear what's going on and see if I can help you. In the off-chance I can't, I will point you in another direction. The call is free of charge, no risk, and a total win for you. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Laine Lipsky Coaching, 2024

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