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My Clients Don't Merely Survive Parenting -

They Thrive!

WENDY now has a peaceful, effective parenting approach that she loves and relies on daily.

"I have truly enjoyed this parenting journey with Laine. Her guidance, sensitivity, and humor helped light the path to more peaceful parenting in our family. Thank you, Laine, for your awesome advice and amazing teaching skills!"

Wendy, mom of two

CARRIE feels centered and tackles parenting challenges with confidence she didn't know she had.

"In connectED I loved meeting other women from all walks of life who came together to learn, celebrate, and support each other on our parenting journeys. Everything about the program was awesome.

The thing is: I now hear Laine in my head constantly. She has kept me grounded and prevented full-on guilt attacks when things haven't gone well. I've loved and soaked up every morsel of information."

Carrie, mom of one

ERIKA feels more present, joyful, and empowered.

"Laine has a way of presenting important information in a way that is easy to understand and apply to real life.

With her strategies I am a more present parent - joy comes much easier this way.

Thank you, Laine!"

Erika, mom of twins

VALERIE now has a mind, body, and soul approach to parenting - she's grounded and confident.

"Laine is the most uplifting and positive parenting coach who is THE BEST. She isn’t just a coach, she walks the journey with every single parent in her program, allowing parents to lead. With her words, tone, and knowledge about parenting, she walks us through parenting concerns in a way that makes us feel confident and calm. Her connectED program combines the best of personal coaching with technology in a format that is easily accessible and digestible for the ever-busy parent.

She gives chunks of information that you can take and then run your kids to soccer practice while practicing these tools on the way. She provides a whole mind, body, soul approach to parenting that helps parents know when and how to practice self-care and even demonstrates self care in quick meditation on her live, in-person videos.

She also provides information in several formats in the form of emails, Facebook chats and video, etc. understanding that different parents require different methods to get information. She is quick to respond to parents’ questions as sometimes we need an answer right away. I cannot say enough great things about Laine and her mission to help parents navigate the parenting journey using the most gentle yet effective, research-based methods."


Valerie, mom of four

TATUM is breaking generational cycles and creating her own beautiful parenting legacy.

"Laine's coaching program was SUPER helpful to me as a new mom. There are so many things that I grew up with that I swore I would never do, but found myself quickly falling into old patterns. I hated it and I knew I could do it better, I just didn't know how. After being in connectED, I know what to do! When I feel frustrated, impatient, or want to yell, I now have a plan and an approach that really works. Laine's coaching has taught me ways to stay calm and genuinely connect with my daughter. I am so grateful for this guidance and have no doubt that I am a better mother, creating a happier childhood for my daughter because I was a part of connectED."


Tatum, mom of one

GLORIA stopped yelling. Mic drop.

"connectED taught me a wondrous common sense parenting approach. Laine is refreshing and makes you feel good with every step you take towards improvement. I recommend connectED to any parent wether or not you feel well-adjusted in your parenting approach. Connecting with other parents and gaining perspective from Laine provides a new knowledge base to try something new - or to try something you’ve already tried, but with a new twist. As a result of being in connectED, I internalized respecting my child’s point of view, I learned to love my children for their uniqueness and quickness, and I learned to stop yelling. I now enjoy more moments with my children and listen more.

In connectED, Laine helped me recognize why my children react and behave in certain ways and that I
have the power for a positive outcome. All seems like common sense, but I didn't really "get it" until Laine explained it in her particular way and provided the tools for me to practice, gain confidence, and get feedback."

— Gloria, mom of three


Shall we get your parenting feeling awesome, too?

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