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"This lady knows her stuff!"
– Alex


"I was having a difficult time with my son the other night so I pulled out my handouts and BAM! meltdown prevented." – Carrie


"You never make me feel less and ALWAYS help me to respect my children by seeing things from their perspective. You model what I can be for my children." – Christy


"When I saw Laine with her own kids six years ago I was like, 'I love how she parents.’ Laine encourages me to dig deeper so I can have more fun and grow while I raise my boys into young men. Working with Laine has taught me to develop my own parenting voice - and that feels totally amazing.

In connectED, I know I'm getting exactly what I need to be my best parenting self as my boys grow up. When I need ideas for a specific challenge, I rely on the wisdom of this beautiful community ... led by my phenomenal Mommy Mentor." – Alexandra


"I am in awe of your way of being as a parent." - Ben

"Laine is always able to explain any topic in such a relatable way." – Michelle

"Laine's personal experience and knowledge of the research behind the issues helped us feel confident in making our decision." – Jen

"Thank you so much for filling my brain with such useful knowledge. Thank you for challenging me to grow into a better parent and for sharing your brilliance with the world." – Julia


"The best thing Laine does is help me listen to myself and make it okay for me to follow my own path. Sometimes I just need to talk through all of my concerns with someone I trust who has been through it all before."
- Alexandra
Shall we get your parenting feeling better?

It's time to create your own beautiful parenting legacy. Let's get started.

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