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Young Family

Become the parent you long to be.
(even if your kid isn't "easy")



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"I can't even."

My child has "big emotions" and honestly I don't think I'm handling them well.

I doubt my parenting choices and I'm not sure I'm cut out for this. I feel so stuck.

I need a way to get my family back on track, so I can get the rest of my life back.

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"Every day is a battle."

Strong-willed doesn't begin to describe my child. More like Concrete-Willed.

I hate to admit it, but I often walk on eggshells just to avoid power struggles.

I want to be in charge without feeling like a police officer in my own home.


"I swore I wouldn't yell."

I was raised by a yeller and now I'm a yeller.
I hate it. I feel so guilty and ashamed.

I am a control freak, a worrier, and at war with myself and my kids. It's exhausting.

I cry at night, worried about the emotional scars I might be causing.

You're not bad.

Truth: If you feel maxed-out, stressed beyond, or doubtful about your parenting ... there's nothing wrong with you. You just need a new path with expert guidance and a supportive tribe to love you along the way. It all starts with a decision to say YES to having a happy family. Once you make this choice, what seems impossible now will begin to take shape immediately. Let's get you started NOW.

You want a happy family from the inside out.

I can show you how - no judgment!

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Hi, I'm Laine Lipsky

I’m a parenting coach and Master Teacher. Most importantly, I am an imperfect mom of two strong-willed kids.


You love your kids and you want the best for them. And honestly parenting can be overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating beyond measure ... especially if you have a child who isn't "easy."

Parenting is hard, but if you've lost the joy and light in your home, then it's time to make some changes. Let's get you started, so you can re-kindle the joy of being a parent.

Take my free workshop. I designed it for you, parenting warrior ... you who wants to build a happy, healthy home even - or especially - if you weren't raised in one yourself.  


It's your turn now. It's time to build your own new, beautiful family legacy.

"This is simply the best online parenting class to get better behavior without yelling, shaming, bribes, or threats. For the first time, my wife and I feel like we GOT this!" – Mark, Dad of 4

"I don't yell anymore. To have the self-control to not escalate like I used to - it's so freeing! I used to be a total control freak. I worried all the time. I was at war with myself and with my kids. No more! Now I'm the one my friends ask for parenting advice ... I never imagined that would ever happen."
– Jamie, Mom of 2

"Our home is much calmer and more cohesive now. I'm so proud of how we get along now, including me and my husband.  I have a relationship with my daughter where we spend time together without me dictating and without her fighting me. It's fun again. " - Joyce, Mom of 1


The truth is: parenting is hard, but it doesn't have to take over your life or push you over the edge.

Join a tribe of parents just like you, in my private Facebook Group where I offer free coaching without judgments. I'll also give you inspiration and motivation for those challenging days.

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