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Stop the Meltdowns and Get Cooperation from Your Strong-Willed Child
(without yelling, bribing, nagging, threats or shame)

Mother and Child


  • Your child challenges you daily.

  • You feel overwhelmed and you need your sanity back - now!

  • You want cooperation from your strong-willed child, but don't want to break their spirit.

  • Typical discipline methods don't work. (You've tried everything!)

  • You want to stop yelling and get back in the driver's seat.

  • You want your child to become a happy, successful adult with great childhood memories.


  • A clear system to de-fuse power struggles and reclaim your sanity.

  • The proven formula to discipline your strong-willed child without breaking their spirit.

  • FREE Discipline Cheat-Sheet.

  • The code to unlock your strong-willed child's behavior

  • The roadmap to parent with confidence, ease, and joy.

  • The step-by-step process to build a happy home (even if you weren't raised in one).

Meet Laine

Meet Laine

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"Now I can have more fun while I raise my boys into kind and conscious young men. I feel empowered to develop my own parenting voice - and that feels totally amazing."

carrie, mom of 1_edited_edited.png


"Now when I have a hard time with my strong-willed son, I use Laine's methods and BAM! the meltdowns stop!"

Erika, mom of twins_edited_edited.jpg


"Laine has a way of presenting important information that is easy to understand and apply to real life. With these strategies, I am a more present parent to my spirited children. Joy comes much easier this way!"