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Meet a Few of My Clients



"There are so many things that I grew up with that I swore I would never do, but I find myself quickly falling into old patterns. When I feel frustrated, impatient, or want to yell, I now know what to do. Laine has taught me ways to stay calm and connect with my daughter. I am grateful for the guidance and have no doubt that I am a better mother, creating a happier childhood for my daughter." 

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"Working with Laine has taught me to develop and trust my own parenting voice - and that feels totally amazing. With her, I know I'm getting exactly what I need to be my best parenting-self as my boys grow up. When I need ideas for a specific challenge, I rely on the wisdom of this beautiful community ... led by my phenomenal Mommy Mentor."



Laine is the THE BEST parenting coach! She is uplifting and positive, without sugar-coating the truth. She walks the journey with every single parent, guiding and supporting us the whole way. She gave me precious gems of information that I could take and practice on the way to my kids' soccer practices - she makes it that practical, which is amazing.

Laine offers a whole mind, body, and soul approach that helped me become a better person ... not just a better parent.

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