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The Painful Parenting Cycle

We yell at our child; we calm down; we apologize; our child forgives us; we peek in on them sleeping and swear we will never lash out again; we numb our pain somehow; we wake up the next day; something happens, and we lose it. We yell … again.

It's time to break the painful parenting cycle

This cycle leaves us feeling guilty and disconnected. It’s excruciating, which is why most people try to numb it out day after day. But conventional tricks to avoiding pain won’t solve the real problem.

There’s a cycle here in need of disruption. Nothing will change or feel better until the pattern is broken, and new habits replace the ones that feel bad. In this book, I give you the steps to stop yelling for good – not just for a day.

I have no interest in judging people. I am interested in getting you the results you want: a happier, calmer home. When yelling is part of the equation, parents cannot have happy or calm homes. Reducing and eliminating yelling is an essential step to create the home you want.

If the problem (at least on the surface) is that our habit is yelling, then the immediate solution is learning how not to yell, right?

Of course, there’s more work to be done beneath the surface, but here’s the truth: if you learn how to stop yelling, your entire home environment will shift and there will be space to pursue healthy and fun ways of interacting with our children.

It’s simple but not easy: stop yelling and things will shift.

Are you ready to get started? Click to watch my free training now.

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