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I'm Laine

Certified Professional Coach. Author. World-Class Athlete. Self-Growth Junkie.

I work with high-achievers – executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, creatives, overall top-notch performers – who are dissatisfied with their relationships, career, daily happiness, or a blend of these essentials.

The plan is simple: First Define, Then Achieve your personal health, wealth, and happiness.


I don't mince words, I don't waste time, and I don't f*ck around. My style resonates with people who want to quickly make deep, lasting change. 

If that sounds up your alley, let's talk. Book a free consult so we can vibe each other out and see if we're a good fit to work together. 

My Story

I'm a native New Yorker with degrees from fancy schools but don't let that fool (or scare) you. I've lived in many places – including Israel, Rhode Island, Colorado, Texas – and while I love big words I also curse like a sailor.

I live in California with my husband, our teens, and one dog (totally my favorite child). I spend most of my time learning about human behavior. I am insatiably curious, which keeps me in growth-mode and generally lit up.


As a high-performer and recovering perfectionist, I understand exactly how the things we do to achieve big goals can get in the way of our satisfaction and fulfillment in the most important personal realms. I have spent my life cracking the code to achieve lasting health, wealth, and happiness. It's my privilege to teach others how to get those results.

I offer concierge-level support plus loving (and firm) accountability. This combination gets real results for my clients. I utilize every aspect of my vast knowledge – including Neuroscience, Habit Theory, Mindfulness, Performance Theory, Sport Psychology, Yoga, Meditation, and Parenting – to build a personalized action plan for every single client, every single time.

Melissa N.
M.D., Psychiatrist

Laine's personal coaching and powerful techniques create breakthroughs.

I recommend Laine wholeheartedly.

Steven C.
Hollywood Director

Laine offers brilliant insight, thoughtful guidance, and inspirational moxie for people intensely engaged with the modern world.

She is a gift.

Erin F.
Business Owner

I was overwhelmed and anxious. With Laine I always felt I had someone in my corner cheering me on. After working with Laine, I feel more confident.

Serious Inquiries Only ...

If you want to explore coaching with me, the next step is to book a Free Consult.


In our call, here's what to expect: I'll listen to you deeply and you'll feel heard like you've never felt heard before. (You will feel amazing.)  I'll ask questions to make sure I know if I can help you achieve your goals – I probably can but if not I'll point you in another direction, which makes the call a no-risk win for you.

Then we will decide, together, if we want to work together. This decision is always clear and uncomplicated because when it's right, it's right.


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