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It's time to feel confident and joyful.

Even if your child isn't "easy."

You have a child who is strong-willed, spirited, sensitive, and/or has frequent meltdowns. You want to stop yelling, bribing, and shaming. You want a new system to put you back in control so you can be the calm, confident, connected parent you were meant to be. 

Get Started Now

If you want to learn:
  • How to get cooperation without yelling, bribing, spanking, nagging, or threats

  • How to parent with calm and confidence

  • How to break free of guilt, frustration, and resentment

  • How to have more fun, laughter, and connection with your children, without giving up your parental authority


This training is one of the most important things you will ever do for your family's happiness ... and for your own sanity.

In this training, I will teach you:

  • How to get your child to listen without yelling, bribing, or repeating yourself 1,000 times

  • My proven process to finally get the harmony you crave

  • How to do all of this without getting taken hostage by your child's big emotions

Hi, I'm Laine.

I'm a Master Teacher, parenting coach, and mom of two spirited children of my own. I help parents thrive - not just survive - in parenthood.


You're here for a reason. I don't know the details, but I'm sure you want real solutions. NOW.


I can help you.


First: take my free class. It's on the house. If it speaks to you, then contact me for a consultation.


I'm all about results. So let's get started.

Parent Success Stories

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"Laine encourages me to dig deeper so I can have more fun and grow while I raise my sensitive boys into kind and conscious young men. Working with Laine has empowered me to develop my own parenting voice - and that feels totally amazing."

carrie, mom of 1_edited_edited.png


"Now when I have a difficult time with my strong-willed son, I use Laine's method and BAM! meltdowns are prevented!"

Erika, mom of twins_edited_edited.jpg


"Laine has a way of presenting important information that is easy to understand and apply to real life. With your strategies I am a more present parent to my spirited and sensitive children. Joy comes much easier this way."

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