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Free Parenting Training:

5 Steps to Raise Challenging Kids to Be Happy, Calmer, Respectful, and Successful

Without Breaking Their Spirits

& Without Losing Your Mind


In this training you'll learn:

  • A proven system to stop yelling
  • How to get more cooperation
  • How to be a coach to your kids - not a cop
  • How to stop blaming, threatening, and repeating yourself
  • My technique to calm down in heated moments
  • How to respond instead of having reactions to your kids you later regret
  • The "secret sauce" to stop the melt-downs
Plus how to:
  • Peacefully discipline your kids.
  • Be the parent you deeply long to be.
  • Have the happy family life you crave and deserve.
  • Feel confident you're raising your children to be the best they can be.
  • Get your own life back, get on the same page as your partner, and enjoy your kids again.

Parent Success Stories:

carrie, mom of 1_edited_edited.png

"Now when I have a difficult time with my son, I use Laine's method and BAM! meltdowns are prevented!" - Carrie

Wendy, Mom of 2_edited_edited.jpg

"Laine's guidance, sensitivity, and humor helped light the path to more peaceful parenting in our family." - Wendy

alexandra k_edited.png

"Laine encourages me to dig deeper so I can have more fun and grow while I raise my boys into kind and conscious young men. Working with Laine has empowered me to develop my own parenting voice - and that feels totally amazing." - Alexandra

orange chair 2.jpg 2015-6-22-8:14:35


Hi, I'm Laine Lipsky


Imperfect parent of two imperfect kids. Master Teacher, multi-certified parenting educator, and coach. No woo-woo. No judgements. Just solid, practical, DO-able parenting practices.


Don't mess around with parenting; it's too important. It's time to get the skills you need to be a great parent and raise great kids. We get one shot at parenthood and our kids get one shot at childhood.


It's time to level-up.

Get my most popular, no-nonsense training for FREE

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