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The Yelling Cure:

How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t With Your Kids


A 4-week program to help you stop yelling, calm down on a dime, and be the parent you want to be.


  • You love your child, but you're yelling at them more often than you want to.

  • You are tired of telling yourself you'll be more patient tomorrow, but it's the same day after day.

  • Even if you don't yell, the littlest things trigger you and you're on edge a lot.

  • You want to be a calm, patient, and connected parent.

  • You want a proven game plan to follow so you can calm down, stay calm, and never have to yell again.

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I'm Laine.

I am here to empower you, sweet parent. My goal is for you to be the most confident, competent, connected parent you can be. Great parents aren't born –they're trained. Trust me that the best place to start is yelling.

How It Works


You'll receive a copy of my book, The Yelling Cure: How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t With Your Kids. (The title says it all.) You'll learn a reliable method to get calm instead of screaming your head off. Sounds good, right? It is!


Over the course of 4 weeks, we'll walk through The Yelling Cure together. I'll host live coaching 2 times per week - that's 8 sessions! I'll answer all of your questions and be your BIGGEST cheerleader!


Parenting is a team sport. We weren't meant to do this alone. During the program, you'll join a supportive community of parents all going after the same goal. You'll get support, accountability, and feel the power of being part of a motivated group!

You're not bad.

Yelling doesn't mean you're a bad person or even a bad parent. But yelling is damaging for you and your child. The truth is, yelling is a cycle that becomes a habit over time. The good news is, the cycle can be broken and new habits can replace the old ones! I can totally teach you how to do this. 

Join Now for the Special Founder's Price

(it will never be priced this low again)

Some Other Parents I've Helped Already


“I don't yell anymore. To have the self-control to not escalate like I used to – it's so freeing!”


- Jamie, Mom of 2

"When I feel frustrated or want to yell, I now have a plan and an approach that really works.”


- Tatum, Mom of 2

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“"Now when I have a hard time with my son, I use Laine's methods and BAM! the meltdowns stop!"


- Carrie, Mom of 1

Ready to Be Your Own Success Story?

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Questions & Answers

If you have a question that's not on this list, send an email to and we'll answer it ASAP!

Q: How do I know if this program is for me?

A: If you are yelling or generally more triggered than you'd like to be, this program is for you.

Q: Shouldn't parenting support be free?

A: The truth is, parenting is a skill - nobody is born knowing how to do it. It's the same concept as learning to play an instrument or a sport. I've spent over 30 years mastering the art of parenting and I keep prices as low as possible to make it fair for everyone.

Q: Can I get a discount?

A: Yes! If you need a price break, here's what to do: grab 4 friends and create a Yelling Cure Pod. email me for details.

Q: Can I just buy the book and try to stop yelling by myself?

A: I'm intentionally launching the book with coaching to be certain that everyone gets the support they need. Sadly, I've seen that even the best intentions get lost when parents try to make changes alone. You will have more success with support and accountability.

Q: When and where will coaching take place?

A: Coaching will happen every Monday and Wednesday from 12:00pm - 1:00pm  PST in a private Zoom Room.


Q: What if I can't make the coaching sessions?

A: No problem! You can always watch the coaching replay AND you can submit your question ahead of time. I guarantee I will answer every single question - nobody's question will be left unanswered.

Q: How do I know this will work for me?

A: I swear by my system. I've taught these techniques to countless parents who have had great success. But will it work for you, too? The truth is, your results depend on you, my friend. If you do the work it will work. Still on the fence? Let's flip the question a bit: Is what you're doing right now working for you? My guess is that you're stuck in a painful pattern, where you find yourself yelling more and more often, even at the smallest things. You want to enjoy your kids and your parenting journey, but your happiness dwindles a little more every day. If nothing changes ... nothing changes. So, yes, this stuff really works. The Yelling Cure Program can be your lifeline out of the quicksand. Grab on and let's go!

Q: Are there refunds?

A: Due to the downloadable nature of the book itself, the live element of the coaching, and the founding member's special price, no refunds will be granted for this launch phase. Thanks for understanding.

 2020 | Laine Lipsky

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You love your kids, buuuuuuut ...

Man, do they push your buttons! But you don't want to yell your way through parenting. And you don't want your kids to remember you as being "a yeller." You want a reliable game plan to calm down.

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You feel like you're exploding inside

You try your best to hold back, but you end up losing it. You swear you'll do it differently tomorrow, but when tomorrow comes it's the same thing all over again. You know you need a real solution.

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